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Yeah We Bought That

Yeah We Bought That

It’s time for a new episode of our new soon-to-be-hit show: Yeah We Bought That. The show is simple. We put up pictures of a ghastly subject property and then show how we put it back together again. 

Our first property was a worn-down shotgun-style cottage with the good fortune to be within spitting distance of the south side Beltline: 193 Haygood Avenue. This humble property backs into the recently-renovated DH Stanton park and will be an absolutely amazing investment when we list it fully-renovated at $225,000 this Fall.

But when we found it, 193 Haygood Avenue was a hot mess of a house.

  • 193 Haygood Ave lurches towards obscurity in this photo made when we bought it last Spring.
  • We scaled Mount Garbage to get in. Is that a lawnmower?
  • Didn't I see this room in the first Matrix movie?
  • Look ma! No Floor!
  • ...No walls either!
  • Last time I checked, weathered plywood is out of fashion...
Yeah...We Bought That

That house. Bought and paid for and currently under renovation. You see, we here at Light Box Homes look at houses differently than most people, even fellow real-estate professional. We have rarely met a house that is beyond repair. And we make getting out of such houses simple for owners by paying all-cash, closing in 7 days, covering all closing costs and with absolutely zero seller-paid real estate commissions. Because that’s what we want to be: The ‘easy button’ for sellers with property they don’t want to hold anymore. Your intractable problems are our cup of tea!


Friggin’ ugly houses are our favorite because we have an imagination for potential, and a vision for giving these derelicts new life. Just look at 193 Haygood. Three months ago, it had no foundation in one corner of the house and leaked like a sieve!!!


In the three months since the project started, our hard-working contractor, MOG Investment Services, has already re-supported 193 Haygood, repaired the walls, laid new floor joists and ceiling trusses, put a new roof and new siding and painted it. In about a month, this house will be ready for a new owner to move in and begin their story. The feeling is truly thrilling.

  • Framing out the interior
  • Now that's what I call a makeover!
  • New thermal pane windows sure look nice!
193 Haygood Avenue: Listing Fall 2017 for $225,000

In about a month, this cozy three-bed, two-bath cottage will be ready for a new owner to move in and begin their story. The finished house will basically new construction from the ground up. New plumbing and electrical systems. New HVAC system and ductwork. New roof. New siding. New thermal-pane windows. Fresh paint and brand new kitchen and baths plus hardwood floors throughout this house’s 1250sf make this house a must-have investment for those who want to bike to work on the Beltline every day. 


Please contact agent Stephen Jones (that’s me!) for more information. 770-674-8001 or



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