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Yeah We Bought That: 202 Haygood Avenue

Yeah We Bought That

It’s time for a new episode of our new soon-to-be-hit show: Yeah We Bought That, the show that demonstrates the type of properties real estate investors like Light Box Homes are capable of buying!

It seems only fitting that the second house in our series, “Yeah We Bought That” should also be on Haygood Avenue in Peoplestown neighborhood of downtown Atlanta. When 202 Haygood Avenue went on the market last week, I leapt out the door, phone blazing, as MLS-listed properties tend to sell FAST in this hot market. The house was in similar condition to 193 Haygood Avenue: Rundown and beatup from years of deferred maintanence, the original 1920s wood siding veritibly falling off the house. 

But the house has good bones and a great lot situated across the street from the entrance to DH Stanton Park and the soon-to-arrive Atlanta Beltline Southside Trail. We plan to add 400-600 square feet for a master suite and one more bedroom, plus fence in the back yard and open up the front porch. For this reason, 202 Haygood Avenue is also a good example of what makes a solid residential redevelopment investment: Dilapidated house in an up-and-coming neighborhood. 

  • Nice broad front porch!
  • Interior shot of the front porch.
  • The Living Room shares a fireplace with one bedroom.
  • Kitchen could use an update, wouldn't you say?
  • Super scary mold-ridden bathroom!
  • Nice big closet in the Master
  • I'm pretty sure the bathroom was the reason for the addition here.
Yeah...We Bought That

Yes…That house. We bought THAT house. Can you believe it? Bought and paid for cash money. You see, we here at Light Box Homes look at houses differently than most people, even fellow real-estate professional. We have rarely met a house that is beyond repair. And we make getting out of such houses simple for owners by paying all-cash, closing in 7 days, covering all closing costs and with absolutely zero seller-paid real estate commissions. Because that’s what we want to be: The ‘easy button’ for sellers with property they don’t want to hold anymore. Your intractable problems are our bread-n-butter!


Friggin’ ugly houses are our favorite because we have an imagination for potential, and a vision for giving these derelicts new life. Just look at 202 Haygood Avenue. It’s just about to become a ‘tear down,’ and it is certainly an eye-sore that has no place in such a well-positioned part of the neighborhood. Over the next 6-9 months, we will draw up a vision for the property, draw plans and get permits. Then it’s hammer time, baby!


We will be updating our Facebook Page with photos from the design and renovation process. Become a follower today and watch as we transform unwanted properties into must-have homes!  

202 Haygood Avenue: Listing Fall 2018

By the time 202 Haygood Avenue is decked out and ready to list in the Fall of this year, the Southside Trail of the Beltline will probably be taking off and Peoplestown will quickly appreciate as more and more people move into the neighborhood. If you think you may be in the market for just such a house in just such a location, you’re going to want to get in touch with Realtor Stephen Jones of Southeastern Home Team: Stephen Jones (that’s me!) for more information. 770-674-8001 or



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