Are you dealing with a home or rental property in need of more repairs than you have money or time to address? We can make you an all-cash offer with zero seller-paid repairs or cleanout, and we can close in as little as five days. No matter what afflicts the property, we will buy it. 

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    What Is Your Sanity Worth?

    If you’re dealing with a home or rental property in need of more repairs and deferred maintenance than you have money or time to address, sometimes it’s better to simply cash out and leave the headaches in the past. As practicing home renovators, we’re used to rolling up our sleeves and tackling the difficult, expensive repairs needed to bring your home or rental property to market. All you have to do is sell to us, pocket the cash and walk away a free person.

    Recover Capital Before Its Too Late

    Many people ignore problems or just band-aid them, hoping they’ll resolve themselves, but every day the damage just gets worse, lessening the value and inviting wildlife and burglars to invade. Sometimes problems are so drastic that the house loses all of its value, leaving you the homeowner with little to show for the years of ownership. We can offer options like owner financing at high interest rates to help you recover even more capital.

    Evaluate Your Property Value

    If you’re receiving code violation notices from the county, your HOA, or the bank, it’s time to call Light Box Homes and get a free home evaluation. Our friendly staff can be on-sight in less than 24-hours; ready to help you identify the problems, discuss solutions, the costs and even recommend licensed contractors to do the work for you should you have the money to do it. Your evaluation will also include an accurate assessment of your home’s value as-is, as well as fully renovated.

    Options Are Our Speciality

    Not all repair problems require a cash buyout. Sometimes you just need a trusted partner to guide your own renovation, and Light Box now leverages our considerable experience for investors and homeowners like you through our consultation services. Please click the button below to learn more.

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