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Whether you are a new investor with your first property or a homeowner looking to expand or upgrade, partner with Light Box to help you plan the renovation and success is just around the corner.


Whether you are renovating an investment property or your own home, we can help. Tell us more about your project and we’ll reach out to discuss the possibilities!


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      Push Your Property's Value To The Max

      Is It Time To Renovate?

      Do you have an investment property in need of a major renovation to gain top dollar on the retail market? Is your personal home too small for your growing family? Would you like to maximize your old home’s value before you downsize? There are lots of reasons to renovate a home, but few people understand what updates and repairs will help them achieve their real estate goals. That’s where we come in.

      Hit Your Target With Strategic Knowledge

      The Keys To Success

      Whether your goals are to maximize value or expand your existing living space or both, the working knowledge base of the experts here at Light Box Homes can make all the difference. We’ve renovated and sold over two dozen homes in the last three years, most of which have gone under contract in a matter of days. Our renovated homes offer buyers cutting edge design, layout and finishing touches that don’t break the bank. How do we do it? By studying the market and understanding what retail buyers want, but also through building strong relationships with our suppliers & contractors, so we can deliver high-quality for our buyers and thus lead our market. And now you can leverage this same expertise for your own project!

      We Demystify Working With Contractors

      No Need To Fear

      Like public speaking or swimming with sharks, many people fear working with general contractors. It’s the #1 reason most people shy away from a big renovation. Who doesn’t personally have or know someone who has a horror story about long delays, nasty liens, big deposits or expensive change orders? Just because a GC can swing a hammer doesn’t mean they can run a business. Our contactor relationships are exactly the opposite because we use smart contract mechanisms and powerful incentives to build strong relationships with our contactors so our projects stay on time and on-budget, and we can show you how.

      We Do The Thinking For Your Contractor

      Let's Plan To Succeed

      When you partner with Light Box Homes to plan your renovation, you get a written, detailed plan that makes quoting your project a snap for most contractors. We lay out in detail the materials needed, quantities, permits required, timeline, even the SKUs on the finishes and appliances to be used in your project. The advantage? This greatly increases the accuracy and integrity in the quotes received from the contractors you contact to do the work, as they know exactly what you want done and thus can focus on what they do best: Build!

      Our Step-By-Step Process

      Phone Consultation

      Tell us more about your renovation goals and we'll give you an overview of what you can expect to budget in time and money.

      Site Visit

      Lead Project Designer Lena Saldivia walks your property with you to discuss your unique renovation plans and narrow down your budget and timeline.

      Scope Of Work

      After the site visit, we put your special renovation plan to paper in the form of a professional scope of work for you to solicit bids from contractors.


      "From the beginning, Lena and Stephen were a Godsend. I had no idea how big the scope of my project was until I brought them on, and the savings and simplicity in contracting was well worth it."
      Lenard Hernandez

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