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Choose an experienced contractor for your home renovation project! Light Box Homes’ has extensive experience in residential construction. Let us show you our portfolio of finished home renovation projects and you can see for yourself!

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Whether you are renovating a home for resale, or remodeling your own home, we can help you with project management from the start to finish! Tell us more about your project…

    Get The Most From Your Property

    Is It Time To Renovate or Remodel?

    Do you own a home that needs to be updated? Maybe you are tired of that tiny kitchen layout, the old bathroom fixtures, or the paneling in the living room.
    Or maybe you purchased an older property that could sell for much more, if it was fixed up? We help homeowners in all of these situations. We let you know what renovations are possible, how much it would cost, and what benefits to be gained, all from one consultation! 

    Hit Your Target With Strategic Knowledge

    The Keys To Success

    Whether your goals are to maximize your property value before you sell, or to expand and update your existing living space, the experienced team at Light Box Homes are your keys to success. 

    In the current contracting environment, project management experience counts for a lot, and few Atlanta design-build firms can deliver those results, like Light Box Homes!  We do quality work, and it shows. Our team works with efficiency, and functions with integrity. 

    We’ve sold over forty homes in the last five years (most of these homes went from “ugly ducklings” to beautiful swans). When we finished the remodeling, many of those homes sold in less than 1 week! We are known in Atlanta real estate circles for our beautiful design, layout updates, and finishing touches. We are known in the Atlanta contracting community as being focused on building strong relationships with our suppliers and contractors through being fair, well-organized project managers who pay upon work completed.  

    Light Box Stands For Integrity and Excellence

    Not Your Typical Contractors

    Who doesn’t personally have or know someone who has a horror story about long delays, nasty liens, big deposits or expensive change orders when working with contractors? Just because a GC can swing a hammer doesn’t mean they can run a business. As residential redevelopers with hundreds of thousands of our own dollars in our spec home renovations, we take the back office as seriously as the work site, and that means you can trust us to keep our word, finish work on time, and communicate with you every step of the way.

    Since we went into real estate redevelopment in the Summer of 2015, Light Box has stood for integrity and excellence from consultation to renovation to handing you the keys to your newly renovated home. Our process emphasizes extensive upfront planning to ensure accountability and we focus on communicating accurate expectations and then working hard to outperform them. 

    Our interest is in building a lifelong client who likes to tell friends and family the story of their home renovation journey with Light Box.

    The Light Box Renovation Success Plan

    We Plan To Succeed

    The first step in realizing your home renovation dreams is an in-person (or virtual) walk thru of your home. During this important home renovation consultation project manager Lena Saldivia and real estate agent Stephen Jones take you on HGTV-like plunge into the possibilities, challenges and possible investment required to achieve your renovation goals. 

    What most typical contractors get wrong, or just don’t want to do, is to make a solid, written plan up front. Light Box believes that a written, detailed renovation scope of work creates accountability between both contractor and client, which keeps the project running smoothly and on-time. 

    If during the consultation it looks like a plan is coming together, Light Box works with you to solidify the design into a highly detailed scope of work document that guides the project from start to finish, while also establishing incentivizing clear goals and draw milestones. Being organized helps us deliver high quality at a reasonable pace. 

    Our Step-By-Step Process

    Phone Consultation

    Tell us more about your renovation goals and we'll give you an overview of what you can expect.

    Site Visit

    Light Box walks your property with you to discuss your renovation plans and estimate budget and timeline.

    Scope Of Work

    Light Box puts your renovation plan to paper in the form of a professional scope of work.

    Project Commences

    Sign a project management agreement with Light Box Homes and begin the renovation.


    "We hired Light Box Homes to project-manage the remodel of our kitchen and great room in Fall 2020. Lena provided us with a detailed estimate and payment schedule and took care of lining up contractors and technicians to perform every aspect of the remodel. She leveraged her relationships with outstanding professionals to get the job done right and efficiently so that our family did not have to live in a construction zone for any longer than anticipated. Lena is extremely responsive and knowledgeable as she has overseen many total home renovations. Fortunately, we did not run into many surprises during the demolition and construction. When we did hit an inevitable snag, she carefully guided us to the next best decision. We could not be more thrilled with the results nor more fond of the people who took such good care of us along the way. We enjoy our new kitchen and great room every day and cannot wait until we get to work with Light Box on another project."
    Alison Law
    Homeowner - Northeast Atlanta

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