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Real estate agents are a trusted source for investment-grade properties in the metro area, and we reward agents who bring us deals with full commissions and multiple-property buying power. We provide realtors across the Atlanta area with the tools they need to move ugly properties fast.

When working with agents, we are always patient and respectful of the homeowner or tenant. We never low-ball a seller or even make an offer without backing it up with a detailed analysis of the property and market.  Not only that, our expertise in residential renovation can help agents and brokers determine a BPO for a short sale or better position a subject property in the marketplace.  

What’s more, residential redevelopers like us help raise property values and turn blighted neighborhoods into urban gems.  As you help make deals with us, we help create more value for you and your market.  

We have big goals in 2017, and real-estate agents are one of our most important partners in hitting our targets.  If you’d like to be a part of the fastest-growing real-estate investment firm in metro Atlanta, or if you have pocket listings that need to be liquidated fast, please contact us today!  770.674.8001.


We love to buy ugly properties, worn-out rentals and fixer-uppers that don't appraise through normal financing.


We offer a fair price based on market conditions and the repairs needed to bring the home to full retail value.


We buy all-cash, as-is, with 1-3 day due-diligence and we can close in as little as 7 days. That's speed that speaks to sellers.


If you bring us a pre-market pocket listing, we'll hire you to list the renovated property! Two closings, same house!

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If you’ve got listings that aren’t moving, need help estimating repairs on a property, or if you just want to sit down and talk real estate, we’d love to chat with you over coffee. Call us today to schedule a meeting. 


When another agent in my office came across my desk with a rental property in the West End that needed to sell quickly, Light Box was first on my list to call; and they delivered. They offered a fair price in less than a day and we closed on the property two weeks later.

Renae Holliday with Keller Williams

I recently closed a deal with Stephen and Lena in East Atlanta and it could not have gone smoother. They closed in record time at a price that was fair to everyone. They are my go-to cash buyer from now on.

Chrissy Kallio with Sothebys

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