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    Light Box Homes:

    Light Box Homes is the brainchild of husband and wife team Stephen Jones and Lena Saldivia- Jones, founded in 2015 on the belief that a real estate investment firm should improve communities through creative problem solving and contribute to the local economy through smart redevelopment of distressed properties. Since 2015, Light Box Homes has bought, renovated and sold over 35 properties and aided countless people in finding solutions to their real estate problems and achieving their objectives.

    CEO Lena Saldivia-Jones runs design and Project management, while REALTOR® Stephen Jones of Powerhouse Real Estate runs acquisitions, liquidations and marketing. The duo love spending time on the lake with their family, hiking in North Georgia and dancing.


    Depending on the balance owned, we can either pay off that loan at closing or take over your payments.
    I am giving you money...Over a period of time. If you think about the equity in your home as stored money, you can lend it just as a bank lends the deposits stored in its accounts.
    The short answer is: Check with your accountant. We are not licensed to give accounting advice. However, in most cases, unless you’ve lived in the home two out of the last five years, you’re going to have to pay capital gains taxes on the income from the property.
    It means that if, say, the purchase price is $300,000 and we’ll bring ten percent to closing, that means you’ll get $30,000 cash at closing and the note we sign to you will be for the balance of $270,000.
    Yes, though it is complicated by the fact that you live there. However, if you are planning to move to a new home somewhere else, this could be a good way to get the cash you need to close on the new home plus the monthly income to support your new lifestyle.
    The expenses when selling a property owner-financed are very low, just like a cash sale, because there are no real estate agents involved and the lender is the seller.
    Yes, but you will still be responsible for paying taxes and insurance and maintenance on the property. Without increasing income, those will slowly consume the value of your monthly receipt. If we take over and manage the property as a rental, we pay the increases in taxes and insurance and all of the maintenance so your payments keep their value.
    Purchasing a home owner-financed is 100% legal in the state of Georgia.
    Light Box Homes will hold title to the property following the transaction. You, the former owner, will act as the lender and security deed holder.
    A note is the legal document outlining Light Box’s debt to you and the security deed is the legal instrument tying that debt to the property. So a note will say how much Light Box owes you, the time and interest rate given to pay that amount back to you, and any other terms agreed upon between you and Light Box.
    As many as you like! If you have a portfolio of rental properties owned free-and-clear, we’d be happy to look at arranging an owner-financed purchase that will create massive monthly income for you.

    Benefits of working with Light Box

    Steady monthly income so you can easily pay your bills.

    Higher sales price and bank-level security

    No hassling with tenants, banks or buyers, so you can relax.

    Maximize your monthly income and enjoy bank-level asset protection

    When you owner-finance the sale of your free-and-clear real estate, you enjoy all of the same benefits enjoyed by banks who lend money on real estate transactions.

    “We seller-financed the purchase of our quadraplex in Candler Park to Light Box and now we receive $3500 in monthly income without any of the tenant problems we used to deal with. Thanks to Light Box, I now have time to work on my music and spend more time with my grandchild.”

    Arthur James
    Atlanta, Georgia

    What Are The Alternatives To Owner Financing?

    MORTGAGING: High fees, points and endless forms plus a big capital gains tax bill. And once it’s mortgaged, do you know how to securely put that pile of money to work?

    RENTING: Do you really want to deal with the trash, toilets and tenant problems of renting? You’re responsible for maintenance, plus tax and insurance rate hikes.

    SELLING: Real Estate commissions, buyer requested repairs and closing costs plus the capital gains tax bill at the end of the year.

    Renovation Consultation

    Have a property that you’d like to fix up yourself but don’t know where to start? You can now leverage our extensive knowledge and experience through our home renovation consulting service. Whether you are renovating a property for retail sale or to live in, we can help make the process stay on-time and on-budget.

    Fill out the form for the eBrochure: Top Ten Advantages of Owner Finance

      DISCLOSURE: Stephen Jones is a real estate agent licensed in Georgia (#371673) as well as managing member of Light Box Partners LLC. His broker is Southeastern Home dba Powerhouse Real Estate (H-77523) located at 801 Atlanta Street Roswell, GA 30075 (404)596-5682.

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