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A Light In Dark Places

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We Will Be A Light In Dark Places

Like many of you, we are dealing with the impact of covid-19, known as the Coronavirus, on our business and family life, trying to piece together a ‘new normal’ while tying up loose ends from our ‘old normal,’ and doing our best to keep our ‘social distance.’ 

We want to take a moment to salute the brave medical personnel who are risking their lives and voluntarily separating themselves from their families in order to treat the aflicted, and we pray for our national and state leadership as they work to bring this pandemic under control. If you have any money to donate to help support them, please donate here:

Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

The Key To Survival

For us, everything we do is encapsulated by the word ‘sustainability’ at this point. We must survive first in order to thrive later. That means taking care of each other, our family and the small real estate development company that supports it all. 

So far, so good. Due in part to the forsight of our excellent executive coach, Malhar Baghat of M2REST, we began creating a strong cash position last Fall in anticipation of a correction in the marketplace. Some correction, right? A viral pandemic was certainly not what we expected.

We had hoped 2020 to be a banner year. Now we’re in a battle for survival in a suddenly catestrophic economic environment. Our one and only Airbnb project has been severely impacted, and a dark cloud hangs over our renovation projects in the Lakeside High School district. 

Stuff Happens

Oh, well. A wise man once pointed out that sh–stuff happens. The nice thing is, we believe ‘stuff happens’ FOR you, not TO you, and there are many benefits to the outbreak of COVID-19. As a family are spending more quality time together, getting to all those honey-do items around the house, learning how to cook more at home and educating ourselves and our children. 

On the business front, our strong cash position has given us options with our current projects, and the ability to take advantage of upcoming opportunities in the market. We have had time us to address our expenses, re-formulate our marketing efforts, and adjust our buying criteria. But most of all, our strength gives us the ability to do what we love most: Help you, our colleagues, clients, neighbors and friends.

We Stand By You

We stand by with our experience, our team and our contacts to help solve your real estate problems, and we are still buying, so bring us your deals and lean on our strength as we move together through these dark times. Contact us any time. We seek to be a light in dark places!

Ways We Help You:

• We are still buying homes in all price ranges and conditions.
• We can list your property for maximum return! Contact Stephen today at 770-674-8001 or
• We offer consultation services to new investors or home owners facing challenges due to COVID-19.
• Tell us more about your situation by filling out our form on the homepage of our website. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your options. 

We look forward to serving you!

–Stephen, Lena, Diego and Jesan


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