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Light Box Homes aims to be a good steward of your investment dollars through a disciplined process-driven approach to restoring residential properties

We Help Make Your Money Work For You

Too often in life we spend our time working for money. Isn’t it about time you put your money to work for you? We offer our investors lucrative opportunities, whether you’re looking for an investment-grade property for your own company, or an alternative investment strategy.  Call us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your investment needs!

Alex Horvath

Working with Lightbox Investment is simple and very secure. I’ve worked with them on three diferent projects now and they are very professional at what they do, not only on the ‘buying and showing’ process but also in the lawyer aspect of the deal, which is most realeaving as this is the one that gives you full peace of mind that your money is in the right place. In a nutshell: Professional, Simple, Fast, Reliable

Fernando Bastidas

I’ve done two projects with Light Box Homes, and they make the process so easy; they give you the flexibility to be involved or just sit back and let the money roll in. I’ve tried many investment strategies in the past, but nothing has made me as much as Light Box has. They’re really professional and transparen

Carlos Jimenez

I keep a portion of my portfolio on deposit with Light Box because it often times outperforms my other investments. I like working with Light Box because they’re very down-to-earth, and they work to protect and grow my investment every day. I’d recommend them to anyone who wanted to put their money to work in the real-estate market without the worry, because they always give me a first-position lien that gives me an improved property no matter what

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    In this blog piece we give you five sources of funds you can put to work in a residential redevelopment project with Light Box Homes