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Home Renovations that Help You SELL Your House!

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In the home sales business, we know which renovations are important to buyers and which home remodeling projects bring the most value in terms of your home’s asking price. Certain home renovations deliver results when you’re preparing to sell! There are “hot spots” in a home that attract buyers, and you need to know about them before you spend thousands of dollars updating the wrong feature of your home.

Here are the most requested home updates, as told to us directly from home buyers!

  1. Updated Kitchen. We listed this at the top of the list of the most requested home features, because it is the most important one! Family and friends gather here, and everyone wants it to look amazing. A new or updated kitchen will help you sell your home for more and make it more appealing to buyers. The kitchen is the most requested feature that buyers want to see as updated. You can list your home for a higher price when your kitchen has been remodeled, and you will get many more interested buyers when it looks new and fresh. Updating the kitchen is worth the time and money. 
  1. Updated Bathroom. The bathroom is another area that is an important one. Bathrooms are a very personal space, so people like newer fixtures in an older home. An old bathroom can look outdated, grungy or dirty, just from years of use.
Kitchen BEFORE!
Kitchen AFTER Remodel!

Updating the hardware, the fixtures, the lights, and the grout are easy ways to add instant appeal to an old bathroom. If you have older toilets, sinks or showers that need to be replaced, now is the time to update those, too. For many older ranch homes, the layout of the master bathroom is also a major consideration, as these homes tend to have very small master bathrooms. Taking over an unused bedroom or moving a full bathroom to expand the layout of the master bath will pay much more than even cosmetic updates. This area of the home really returns the value when you remodel the bathroom!

  1. New Flooring. People touring your home really like to see new carpet, vinyl plank or hardwood floors. No one wants to move into a home with old, used or dinged flooring. It is worth the time to take out the old carpet and replace it or refinish the hardwoods. Typically, it only takes 1-2 days to do this. The online photos of your home will look so much more appealing with new, neutral color carpet, or hardwood floors that were updated or refinished.
  2. Updated Light Fixtures. When we show a home, one of the first things we do before potential buyers come to see it is turn on all the lights and open the windows. You want your home to feel bright and updated. New lights accomplish this, and they don’t even cost that much to be replaced. Modern light fixtures that brighten up the room really appeal to buyers!
  3. Smooth Ceilings. Many homes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s still have popcorn ceilings. Buyers really don’t like these anymore, and for many people, they won’t even look at a home with these types of ceilings. We understand that it is a time-consuming repair that may take about a week or two to correct, but it makes a big difference in the photos, the appeal of the home, and the overall look of the room. When you scrape off the popcorn ceilings in an older home, it looks like you gain a foot of ceiling height! It brightens the room and make it feel larger. This is a good update that will add to the value of your home!
  1. Fresh Paint. This is a quick and easy update that is a must for anyone who wants to sell their home. Fresh paint in neutral colors can make a home look brand new! When we get a home ready to sell, we also talk to a color consultant and make sure that the colors that we pick are modern, in style and fresh. New paint wakes up the room. Another benefit to new paint is that you can spackle over scratches, nail holes, scuff marks and minor cracks, making it look well taken care of.
  2. New Landscaping. Great curb appeal gets potential buyers to come inside and look around. It makes a good impression when you plant flowers, trim bushes and put out fresh pine straw or mulch. This is typically a one day project that gives great results!
  3. Finish The Basement. If you have a basement with ceilings at least seven-and-a-half feet high, you can lift your home’s price bracket by finishing that space. Many of today’s buyers appreciate the extra space to expand, entertain guests, or a rent out to put a dent in the mortgage. Though there are specific criteria that need to be met for the finished basement to appraise, a knowledgeable design-build team will make sure those boxes are checked so you can enjoy the increase in home value.
  4. Extra Details that Help Your Home Sell: Be sure to pressure wash the sidewalk, the driveway and clean the windows, too. Getting the oil stains off the driveway helps your home look more inviting. Washing the windows lets in more light and gets rid of dirt or bugs that get stuck in the window screen.

Do you need an experienced home remodeling team to help you with your home? Do you have an investment property that you want to sell for top dollar? Let us take a look at your property and help you decide what home renovations you need and give you a quote to finish them. We have a team of home remodeling experts that work locally in the greater Atlanta area waiting to work on your next house remodeling project!


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