If you are facing a pending foreclosure, the best advice we can give you is to act now and don’t hesitate another minute! We help you avoid taking a hit to your credit by closing quickly, with zero closing costs or commissions to pay. 


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    Avoid Sherrif's Sale

    Many homeowners seek advice from their attorney. And why not, attorneys are supposed to have all the answers, right? Maybe so, maybe not! They act on their attorney’s well-intentioned advice and file bankruptcy, thinking that all their problems will be solved. However, even though bankruptcy does put a hold on everything, all it really does is buy a little more time. The end result is almost always the same… the property goes to Sheriff’s Sale and in addition to losing their home. They now have a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on their credit report for the next 9 years.

    Avoid Bankruptcy

    If you are facing foreclosure, this is a situation you definitely want to avoid at all costs. In most cases, the best thing for a homeowner to do when facing foreclosure, assuming that the homeowner’s inability to pay the mortgage is not temporary, is to SELL THE PROPERTY AND SELL IT FAST! In doing so, you will avoid having a foreclosure and quite possibly a bankruptcy on your credit report. You’ll be able to get on with your life and avoid having foreclosure haunt you for years to come!

    We Can Help You

    In many cases, we can buy your house, bring your payments current and possibly give you equity back out of your home. We can even help in many situations where your house has no equity or you have liens that hold up the sale of your home. If your foreclosure has gone public, chances are you’ve been contacted by other investors whom you might deem as a bit unscrupulous. However, unlike these other investors, we will not try to take advantage of your unfortunate situation. We simply work with you to figure out a mutually beneficial solution so you can move on with your life with your good name and credit intact!

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